Special codes on unharmonized migration variables?


I have some questions about the the following unharmonized migration variables.

For BR1991A_NYRLIVST and BR1991A_NYRLIVMU: Does 98 mean unknwon?

For BR2000A_DURSTATE : Does 98 mean unknwon?

For BR2010A_YRSMUNI and BR2010A_YRSSTATE: are there any unknowns?

For BR1991A_NYRLIVST BR1991A_NYRLIVMU BR2000A_DURSTATE and BR2000A_DURMUNI: the variables are top-coded, right?



None of the variables you listed have a value corresponding to “Unknown”. As well, I can find no evidence in the data or documentation that the unharmonized variables you mentioned were top-coded. If you haven’t already, you might consider trying to directly contact IBGE about whether these variables were top-coded.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your answer. A few extra precisions nevertheless.

For the variable BR2000A_DURMUNI, 99 means “undocumented” according to the variable’s description page so it would make sense that 99 (and not 98: I made a mistake in the previous post) also means “undocumented” for BR2000A_DURSTATE. What do you think?

Regarding the top-coding, I think there that there is one because the variables don’t go higher than 99 while there can be poeple older than 100 that have never migrated.

Regarding the IBGE, I have already contacted them in the past and they never had the courtesy of replying…

Do you have the email contact of someone in particular at the IBGE please? That would be nice.



You are correct that “99” represents “undocumented” for BR2000A_DURSTATE. I agree that it is likely the duration variables are top-coded for those samples; however, this is not something that appears in any of our documentation. These variables were explicitly top-coded in later years, and I do know that there were a small number of individuals with values above 99.

Unfortunately, I am not able to provide the contact information for anyone specific at IBGE.

Hope this helps.