Should I use person weight (PERWT) or replicate weights (REPWTP) for calculating standard errors for estimates?

I am trying to obtain estimates related to poverty by race from IPUMS-USA based on ACS 2012-2016 5-year sample (e.g., the percentage of African American children below the poverty level).

I would like to calculate standard errors for my estimates. When I tried the following SAS code, I got an error that my repwtp2 is negative.

proc surveyfreq data=set1;

table race*poverty;

weight PERWT;

repweights REPWTP1-REPWTP80 / jkcoefs= 0.05 ;

run ;

Is the above code correct? And if so, how do I address the issue of the negative rep weights?

Detailed documentation for specifying the use of replicate weights for various statistical software, is available on this page. Following this documentation should help identify the issue. As long as I am understanding your task correctly, I don’t think using replicate weights will make too much of a difference. Your standard errors may increase in size slightly, but given that your tabulations should include a relatively large number of observations, this change shouldn’t be overwhelming.