Select cases using MISH

Just a quick comment: Since IPUMS-CPS has done such a great job cleaning up the Outgoing Rotation Group variables, it would be nice to be able to select cases using MISH, so that one can easily restrict to MISH = 4 or MISH = 8 (as these are the only times the ORG is conducted). It would make it easier than downloading 4 times as much data as needed only to delete 75% of observations.

Thanks again for your work!

This is a nice idea and we can certainly consider adding this functionality in the future. Do note, however, that you can use the ELIGORG variable in the Select Cases tool. This variable is a dichotomous variable indicating if the respondent is eligible for the Earner Study (Outgoing Rotation Group) questions. It should essentially have the same effect as using MISH in the Select Cases tool.