Seeking 2005-2007 3-year ACS file?

Hi all -

I am using NIHGS to access demographic data at the county-level for my dissertation (primarily: population, race, ethnicity, and poverty-level) for 2005-2019. I am seeking the ACS 3-year estimates for 2005-2007 for this endeavor. The NHGIS FAQ notes “3-Year Summary Files for 2013 and earlier” are available, but I cannot locate 2005-2007 estimates on the data finder. Is this file expected to be available soon? Is there another location for this file that someone might suggest? I have searched the data tool for Census (not available there), and ICPSR (only the PUMs is available there, not the full estimates for counties).

Appreciate any and all thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!

NHGIS includes 3-year data only back to 2008-2010. The FAQ was a little ambiguous about this; it’s the first sentence that’s key here:

NHGIS includes most ACS Summary File data since the 2010 releases. This includes the 1-Year and 5-Year Summary Files from each of these releases, as well as 3-Year Summary Files for 2013 and earlier.

I’ll revise that to be clearer!

All ACS summary files are also available “in raw form” through the Census Bureau’s website. This page provides links to data and documentation for the 2005-2007 3-year files.

Thanks for reaching out about this. We may some day work to add more of the earlier ACS summary files to NHGIS, and that’s more likely when we hear from users who need them!