Rwt06 contains only 0s

Hi, there may be a problem with weight var ‘rwt06’, for which the DDI codebook says:

RWT06 is a 15-digit numeric variable reporting the replicate weights for all years

However, the Stata extraction code is for a single digit:

byte rwt06 42-42 ///

The single digit appears to be ‘0’:

. su rwt06

Variable |        Obs        Mean    Std. Dev.       Min        Max

rwt06 | 201,151 0 0 0 0

Is this a problem with the code and/or data, and if so, is the variable ‘wt06’ the correct one to use in lieu of ‘rwt06’?

thanks much, Sanjiv

This is a bit of a confusing detail. The RWT06 variable listed in the online extract system adds 160 replicate weight variables. When the data is downloaded and read into Stata, you will want to use RWT06_1 through RWT06_160 when using replicate weights. That is, you can safely ignore the RWT06 variable which is a constant value of zero in the data.