Reweighting after imputation

The construction of PANLWT is detailed in the CPS Technical Paper 66, on pages 10-14 through 10-15 (pp. 85-86 of the pdf). They are referred to as “longitudinal weights.” It is a pretty simple adjustment: PANLWT “inflates all estimates or final weights by the ratio of the current month’s population controls to the sum of the second-stage weights for the current month in the matched cases by sex”.

What this means is that the weights in the subsample that matches between month t and month t-1 are inflated so that they sum to the population total (of civilians age 16+) in month t, for both men and women.

As a verification, I made the following tables in Stata, looking at the relationship between PANLWT and WTFINL in May 2018. As you can see, the sum of PANLWT for men is the same (within a tiny margin of error) as the sum of WTFINL for those men who were in-universe for PANLWT.


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