Resources on imputation of income in the IPUMS?


I am conducting an analysis with ACS data from the IPUMS-USA, which includes household income as a predictor variable. I’m finding that a significant number of cases in my analysis have missing values (9999999) for income, and I’d prefer not to drop those cases. As such, I am looking at methods to impute the missing values.

Does MPC have any recommended resources that address imputation in the context of the IPUMS? Are there any “best practices” for the imputation of missing data in the IPUMS that the MPC staff would recommend? Thanks so much.

Persons living in group quarters are assigned a household income value of 9999999. Researchers typically do not include these cases in analyses considering household income since these persons do not reside in households.

Thanks very much for the clarification. Also, thanks for setting up this site - it is a very useful resource!