Release Schedule for Basic Monthly CPS During COVID-19

Basic Monthly CPS microdata are typically published by the Census Bureau within 7-10 days of the monthly Employment Situation Report (schedule here). The IPUMS CPS team works to incorporate newly released microdata as quickly as possible. For basic monthly surveys, this can range from a few days to a few weeks after the source microdata are published. We understand the intense interest in CPS during the COVID-19 pandemic and are doing our best to make the data available promptly. Watch the IPUMS Twitter account and the IPUMS CPS revision history page for release announcements.

Changes to CPS operations during this time are detailed here. The BLS has added five new COVID-19 related questions to the CPS starting in May 2020. Microdata for these variables is not yet available, and we at IPUMS don’t know when it will become available. IPUMS CPS will process these data as soon as they become available and make them available through our extract system.