reason needed to take off, but didnt-ATUS 2011 Leave Module

I am trying to find the IPUMS-ATUS item that reflects what is called NEEDLV in the BLS-ATUS data. It asks respondents who needed to take off in the last 7 days but didn’t, why they needed to take off.

There is TKLVLWMAIN for those who *did* take off in the IPUMS data, but I don’t see the equivalent for those who weren’t able to take off.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It looks like this information is currently not available in the IPUMS 2011 sample of the ATUS Leave Module. The ATUS Team is constanly working on adding new variables and updating previously release samples. Input from users about what variables to integrate is always helpful. We will pass along your interest for these varialbes to the ATUS Team.