Question about adjusting for other people in a household

I am interested in using the ATUS to look at non-remunerated household production, so the amount of hours spent doing activities such as cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc., at the household level. To my understanding, the ATUS only has specific time-diary information on whichever household member responds to the survey. So, if a household consists of a couple for example, we can only measure the time spent in activities where the respondent was involved, but not those of the non-respondent spouse who might have contributed to other household tasks. Is there any way to account for the time-use or activities in which other members of a household were involved in within the ATUS?

You are correct that the ATUS only includes one, randomly-selected respondent per household. You may be interested in this LaBriola & Schneider 2021 paper on creating synthetic dyads to estimate time contributions to a family. Other data sources that include time diary data on both individuals are the NCHAT and some countries included in IPUMS MTUS.