Possible to access previous versions of the database?


I’m trying to reproduce a statistical analysis I found in a paper. In the paper, the authors use the “US” and “Brazil” data sets from version 5.0. Unfortunately without that version of the data coding and collection, I can’t figure out what is being referred. If there isn’t an archive or something, does anyone know of the coding scheme and what particular data sets are being referred to?


If you could either attach the paper to your answer or provide the paper’s title and author(s), I would be glad to point you to the relevant IPUMS samples and variables.


Thanks for the fast response! The paper is “Functional Mechanism: Regression analysis under differential privacy” by Zhang et. al. pdf


Unfortunately, this paper does not contain enough details to replicate the researchers’ analysis. The sample sizes reported by the authors are quite small, indicating they likely used a subset of the IPUMS-International data. I recommend trying to contact the main author directly via email.

Sorry that I could not be of more direct assistance.


Thanks for looking into this!