Place of Work (1960 Census)

I am looking at Tables NT52 and NBT38 from the census-tract level 1960_tPH files. Those tables have 15 different codes for Place of Work (ranging from A to M). I am trying to figure out what those codes mean. I have found the codes in this document (, but unfortunately that’s a dead end – it only vaguely references the Central Users’ Services at the Census. Is there a concrete reference for those place of work codes? Thank you!

I will go ahead and answer my own question. Those place of work codes mean different things depending on what SMSA you are looking at. The letters follow the order in which the place of work is reported in the 1960 Census Published Tables - Final Report Series PHC. In the case of, e.g., Pittsburgh, Place A refers to Pittsburgh City, Place B refers to the remainder of Allegheny County, Place C refers to Beaver County, and so on.

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I am glad you found what you are looking for. For other users with similar questions, I am linking to the compilation of published census volumes from 1790 to 2010 that we provide on IPUMS USA, which we plan to also link from IPUMS NHGIS in the future to make them easier to find.