PERWT for 2006 ACS

Hello! I am trying to replicate a data file for 2006 ACS that someone else produced. However, even though I use the same coding file, I get different results, which, I suspect, is due to a difference in PERWT data. So, I’d be happy to know if there has been any changes to PERWT data for 2006 in the last 15 years. Thank you!

The IPUMS USA team is unaware of any changes to PERWT in that sample. The 2006 file was re-released to fix a problem with AGE, as detailed in the description page for AGEORIG, but it shouldn’t have affected PERWT. It is possible that there were other changes during this period that we’re unaware of. How far off are your results and what was the source of the original data?