PARRULE algorithm

Hi there,

I am wondering if the algorithm to create MOMLOC, POPLOC, SPLOC,… is available. I have the complete census for Colombia for 1973 I and would like to use those variables so I can also use your sample of the 2005 census. I checked the documentation that you have available, but before trying to do it myself, I thought it would be worth it to ask.

Thank you very much for ay help.



The algorithm we use to create MOMLOC, POPLOC, and SPLOC is not publicly available. This has less to do with our willingness to share the algorithm and more to do with the practical challenges of implementing the algorithm outside of the internal IPUMS system. The IPUMS data conversion program does not use a standard statistical software and we do not currently have a way to share the family interrelationships algorithm. You can, however, use the information in the documentation for these variables. Specifically, the information included in PARRULE, SPRULE, and this working paper will be helpful.

Thanks very much Jeff. I’ll ask for your advice if I find any problems generating the variables.