Parallel survey data collected for the 1994 redesign

As we know, there was an important redesign of the CPS starting in 1994 and some labor force statistics are not comparable in time due to this change. Polivka and Miller, 1998 (The CPS After the Redesign: Refocusing the Economic Lens) estimate adjustment factors to revise some pre 1994 estimates of labor market measures (the most used, unemployment rate, …). I am interested in adjust a measure for which they did not provide an adjustment factor and for which I find an abrupt change since 1994, which is clearly due to the survey redesign. I would like to be able to use the pre 1994 data, but I need to make some sort of adjustment to my estimate. In their estimation of adjustment factors the authors use the CPS and a parallel survey they run around 1994, I would like to ask if we can have access to the data of this parallel survey (so I can calculate my own adjustment factor using their methodology)

IPUMS does not have these data. I suggest you reach out to the authors of that paper, or the BLS, directly. There are other publications on the redesign comparison in the references of that paper, as well.