Outgoing Rotation Group Weights Question

I am using the CPS ASEC to analyze likelihood of poverty, setting a poverty threshold using household level income. I need to do a supplemental analysis that includes union status as a control, so I am using the outgoing rotation group question for that measure. The issue I have run into is, it is important for the analysis to maintain all individuals in a household. But, EARNWT assigns unemployed, children, and military a value of 0, even when they are in a household with an individual who did answer the earner survey. Therefore, I can’t really use EARNWT to weight my analyses, because it would exclude these household members with weights of 0. Should I use ASECWT instead? Are there any other suggestions or options?

I am also pooling across years if that is relevant.

Thank you!

Assuming you are only using UNION to create a household-level measure and restricting your analysis to a sub-population of only households that are eligible to participate in the ORG in March, it should be fine to use ASECWT instead of EARNWT.