NIU codes in 2019 CPS

I’d like to confirm that the NIU codes have changed from 5-digit 99999 to a 7-digit 9999999 in the 2019 dataset (and related 5-year sample): INCINT, INCVET, INCRENT, INCASIST, INOTHER

The NIU codes shown in the “codes” tab for each of these variables still indicates that the 5-digit code is used for these variables, but when I download the data, I’m seeing the 7-digit code. Plus, the webpage on topcoding seems to suggest that there has been a universal change, although I still see several income variables with 5-digit codes (e.g., INCEDUC, INCCHILD, INCUNEMP, INCWKCOM) or 6-digit codes (e.g., INCDISAB, INCDIVID).


You are correct, these variables were recently expanded to 7-digits wide. Ultimately the width of the NIU code will depend on the width of the specific variable and some income variables are wider than others (based on what a reasonable value range may include). Sorry about this confusion. The variable description and topcode documentation are also being updated to reflect these changes so hopefully all of the confusion will be cleared up with the next release.