New to IPUMS. Need help with a county level home value measure (Median, Avg)

Using NHGIS for county level tabulations to find county level home price measure data. However, I am not sure how to get a consistent measure across the years. I need data 1940 onwards for the decennial years.

For instance, 1940 I have:

  1. NT73. Average Value of Owner-Occupied Dwelling Units
  2. NT74. Median Value of Owner-Occupied Dwelling Units by Reporting Years

Nothing for 1950, 1960.

For 1970, I see a bunch of aggregate values by housing characteristics and demographic, but not sure how any of these would be comparable. Is there another place I can look for this data by county that is comparable across time

IPUMS NHGIS does not offer county-level tables on housing value from 1950 or 1960. While housing characteristics were collected in the 1950 and 1960 censuses, IPUMS NHGIS does not offer the full range of data that has been published by the Census Bureau. We are not aware of a source of integrated county-level data for these statistics, however, you may find the data you are looking for in the Census Bureau’s published volumes, available on the IPUMS USA site. These are PDF scans of the original published volumes, so to use these data you would need to either manually enter the data or use optical character recognition.

In terms of the consistency of measures of housing value over time, I would recommend reading through the published volumes for the years you are interested in or our tabular data sources page. The latter links to documentation for our source 1970 summary count files, and the “subject definitions” sections in later years’ documents also sometimes discuss how concepts have changed over time.