MTUS weight propwt


I’m working with MTUS data and I would like to generate population-level estimates (i.e. the sum of hours spent on housework for the total adult population). I’ve been reading about the propwt weight, which is provided in the data, and it says that it deflates the original weight (when the original weight inflated to the population size). Does the MTUS include the necessary information to reconstruct the inflated weight? Is this in the OCOMBWT weight? In sum, what is the best way to generate population-level estimates using the MTUS weights?

Thank you!


PROPWT is based on the original survey weight, OCOMBWT; you can read about how it is calculated in the description tab for PROPWT. You are correct that the original survey weight is initially deflated in order to calculate PROPWT based on a good-diary inflation factor. It is then rescaled so that PROPWT values are representative of the population, so you do not need to reconstruct an inflated weight. The best way to generate population-level estimates is to use PROPWT.