MSA to county crosswalk

Anyone know where I can find crosswalks between the CPS MSA codes and county FIPS codes? Thank you!

While this previous forum post is about the METAREA variable, I think the information about available geographic crosswalks is relevant to your question. I am including the response (from my colleague @grover) to the linked forum post below. Please let me know if you have further questions.

As mentioned in the variable description, the METAREA variable in IPUMS-CPS uses the 1990 Census codes, so you can find the components of these geographies and there codes on the Census Bureau’s webpage for Metropolitan and Micropolitan historical delineations. IPUMS-CPS also provides the METFIPS variable, which gives the FIPS codes for the metropolitan area the household was located in, using the metropolitan delineations contemporary to the survey. As with the METAREA codes, you can find definitions of these geographies on the Metropolitan and Micropolitan historical delineations page.