More detailed codes for WKSTAT available?

Is there a more detailed version of the WKSTAT variable available, which contains the codes for the reasons for full time or part time status described in the CPS questionnaire?

The Question from the CPS is below:

Some people work part time because they cannot find full time work or because business is poor. Others work part time because of family obligations or other personal reasons. What is (name’s/your) MAIN reason for working part time? Probe if necessary: What is (name’s/your) main reason for working part time instead of full time?
1 Slack work/business conditions
2 Could only find part-time work
3 Seasonal work
4 Child care problems
5 Other family/personal obligations
6 Health/medical limitations
7 School/training
8 Retired/Social Security limit on earnings
9 Full-time workweek is less than 35 hours
10 Other - specify

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Does the variable WHYPTLWK include the detailed codes described in the BLS CPS question or are they something different?

WHYPTLWK includes the ten codes you mentioned (from the original CPS item HRRSN1) plus additional codes for those who usually work full time, but worked less than 35 hours in the reference week. These codes are given in the original CPS item HRRSN3. Combining WHYPTLWK with WKSTAT will give you a more detailed work status.

Thank you.

Is there a table or something that describes which codes from the original CPS item match to the IPUMS codes?

You can see which reasons for part time map to which values of WKSTAT by doing a crosstab of the two variables. For a detailed explanation of the concepts involved, see the section on “Hours Worked” starting on Page B1-9 in the CPS Interviewer’s Manual, under Employment Concepts.

Thank you for the clarification. This is very helpful.