Missing counties in IPUMS 1860 Full Count

I have just noticed that there are 5 counties missing in the 1860 full count data:

  1. Hernando, Florida: stateicp=43 and countyicp=530
  2. Bienville, Louisiana: stateicp=45 and countyicp=130
  3. Hancock, Mississippi: stateicp=46 and countyicp=450
  4. Sunflower, Mississippi: stateicp=46 and countyicp=1330
  5. Washington, Mississippi: stateicp=46 and countyicp=1510

I have been able to locate county aggregates for these counties in the ICPSR data by Haines et al., so these counties definitely had census data collected in 1860. Is it possible that their codes have been mis-identified in the IPUMS 1860 full count data?

I was not able to identify these counties in the input data and can confirm they are not omitted because of a coding error. I followed up with my colleague who works extensively with the historical data and he noted that these counties are also missing in the original data transcribed in collaboration with Ancestry. He also noted that while the published statistics for 1860 for these counties have an aggregated total, they don’t include an age breakdown and have footnotes indicating that the population was estimated (Hernando county specifically says that no schedule was returned); however there doesn’t seem to be documentation on how these estimated counts were determined.

It looks like the microdata for these counties might, unfortunately, be lost.

Thank you very much, Kari!

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