Merging replicate weights onto the October CPS files

I downloaded the replicate weights for the 2011 to 2020 October CPS Supplement from Census and would like to merge them onto an IPUMS-CPS file which contains October data. The identifiers on the Census provided files are QSTNUM and OCCURNUM. I have looked and looked and I am unable to locate these variables on the IPUMS-CPS files.
If the names were changed from the Census names, could someone supply me with the corresponding variable names? If not, can someone provide some insight on how to merge October replicate weights onto the IPUMS-CPS data files.
Thanks for your help!

I’ll refer you to this post for more detail, but the short answer is No, QSTNUM and OCCURNUM are not available through IPUMS CPS, but you can merge them to an IPUMS CPS extract via a two-step process using the NBER CPS data files as an intermediary.