merging CPS data from NBER with IPUMS

I am confused about the answer to the question from the thread here

In explaining how to merge CPS data files from NBER with IPUMS, Joe said

“It is important to note that the basic March file is different from the March supplement (or ASEC) file and the two cannot be merged. IPUMS-CPS does not currently offer the March basic file, only the March supplement file.”

But it looks to me that IPUMS does offer the basic files: basic monthly is an option under samples, here

But the multiple jobholders variable is still not available. Is Joe’s answer from last year now out of date? Thanks.

The information provided in the previous response is now partially out of date: IPUMS-CPS does currently offer the March basic monthly samples for 1976-2013. While IPUMS-CPS is constantly expanding the variables that we offer, the multiple jobholder variable PRSJMJ is not currently included. For now, you can follow the directions for sequentially merging the IPUMS-CPS basic monthly samples with the NBER basic monthly samples, as described by Joe in the previous answer.

Hope this helps.