Median Income and unemployment on IPUMS CAR tool?

Is it possible to use the Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program to calculate the median “incwage” by “degfieldd” and “empstat” by “degfieldd”? I am trying to find a way to get at this information baseed on the 2016 ACS sample using either Data Ferret, IPUMS onsite analysis tool or Excel.

Finding the median INCWAGE by groups will be a bit tricky to calculate in the IPUMS online analysis tool. The tool is really best suited for analysis of discrete variables in the form of cross tabulations. It may be easier to do this in Excel (or some other statistical software). For information on how to open IPUMS data in Excel, see this video tutorial. Once you open the data in Excel, you can calculate summary statistics and find the median INCWAGE based on various categories of DEGFIELDD. Remember to clean out the universe for the INCWAGE variable.

That said, tabulating EMPSTAT by DEGFIELDD is quite straightforward to tabulate in the online analysis tool. If you enter “empstat” in the Row and “degfieldd” in the Column, then you can filter based on specific values or ranges of values using the Selection Filters field.

I hope this helps.

Thank you, Jeff.