Meaning of N/A in the variable EMPSTAT

What does N/A in the variable EMPSTAT mean? It includes two subcategories–In Labor Force and Employed.

Here is link for the table where it occurs.…

Thank you!

The N/A category for most IPUMS variables, including EMPSTAT, indicates that a record does not meet the criteria for the universe of the variable. In the case of EMPSTAT, in most samples the universe is restricted to all persons above some age. So, N/A should indicate individuals who are below this age.

Regarding the subcategories, I think you are looking at the “detailed” codes. These actually are not subcategories of the N/A code, but rather are the more general categories for all non-N/A observations. Codes 10-22 are “in the labor force” and codes 10-15 are "employed’.