matching "normal" IPUMS USA to linked census (1880-1900, 1880-1910, 1880-1920)


I would like to match the “normal” IPUMS Census data to the IPUMS linked samples (1880-1900, 1880-1910, 1880-1920).

Now my question:

i was assuming that an individual with a given serial and pernum in a given census year would be the same individual with that serial_2 and pernum_2 in the IPUMS linked sample.

By checking consistency (for example, checking whether age and age_2 are the same after the match) I find that this seems indeed to be the case for 1910, but not for 1900 and 1920.

Is there a way to match these datasets in a reliable way?

Thanks for your help

Unfortunately, it is not expected that these two files should match. IPUMS-USA considers the 1% samples and the linked samples as separate data projects; therefore, we do not maintain a link between the two. You should be able to find most of the variables contained in the 1% samples on the linked datasets.

Hope this helps.