Legend for raster files downloaded?



I just downloaded global data of the GLC2000 and Modis land cover and I’d like to know where can I find a legend for these data.

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Hi Ester,

You can find the legends in the attached files. For GLC2000, the first 22 rows provide the legend for the original dataset. The following rows describe composite classes created by IPUMS Terra in terms of the original classes they contain. If you are working with just the 22-class raster data, you can ignore those rows.



GLC2000_BinDefs.xlsx (12.6 KB)
MODISclassDefs.xlsx (48.8 KB)


Thank you for your response!

I’d like also to ask you about the projection of both datasets (GLC2000 I’ve guessed is just WGS84, no linear projection), especially Modis data, since it seems quite weird…

Thank you again!



You are correct that GLC2000 is in WGS84 coordinates.

You are also correct that the MODIS projection is “a bit weird.” It is a somewhat customized sinusoidal projection. The main advantage being that it is an equal-area projection, so all grid cells represent the same size on-the-ground footprint.

Technical details on the projection are available here: http://spatialreference.org/ref/sr-org/modis-sinusoidal-3/