Labor Force measures

Regular CPS from Census doesn’t have convenient ways to estimate discouraged workers or marginally attached; these have to be interpreted from the coding that’s there.

It seems to me that there isn’t enough information in IPUMS CPS codes to do that. Has anyone managed to come up with ways to do those estimates?

(This is in order to get U-4, U-5, or U-6 from selected subgroups)


I am guessing that you are interested in replicating table A-15 from the BLS Economic News Release, but please let me know if that is incorrect. You may find the unharmonized variables related to discouraged workers available through IPUMS CPS useful for this work. You can include these unharmonized measures alongside harmonized variables in your IPUMS CPS extract. If these unharmonized variables are not what you are looking for, please direct me to the relevant code that the Census Bureau provides for identifying discouraged and marginally attached workers. This information will help me provide more concrete information about how to leverage IPUMS CPS variables to identify the relevant records.


That’s exactly what I need, thank you! Never realized these variables existed.

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