Is it my imagination or was the variable JTYEARAGO re-coded in the last few months? It used to be:

01 = “Not working one year ago”
02 = “Working one year ago, for lost job”
03 = “Working one year ago”

Now it is:

 01 = "Not working one year ago"
 02 = "Working one year ago"
 96 = "Refused"
 97 = "Don't Know"
 98 = "No response"
 99 = "NIU"

What happened to the code “Working one year ago, for lost job”? This is essential for identifying whether to use JTOCC or DWOCC for last-year occupation.


Yes, on May 3, 2017 a programming error was fixed in the JTYEARAGO variable. (Information about this change can be found on the Errata and Revisions page, under May 3, 2017.) Basically, records that used to have a value of JTYEARAGO==2 “Working one year ago, for lost job” now have a value of 99 “NIU”.

Thanks Jeff. Is there any way to identify people who worked at the “lost job” from the DW survey one year ago? That would be those who answer question ST7 in the supplement.