Is there a way to get ATUS information for Clark County (Las Vegas) Only?

Hi! I am in desperate need of getting ATUS results (amount of time spent sleeping, reading for personal interest, playing games, and Religious/Spiritual Activities) for the Clark County/Las Vegas area only. I pulled the metroarea information with ATUS-CPS, however it doesn’t show any information for the area that I need.

I really need the data for 2007-2012 but any recent year would help as well.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!



It does not appear that the Clark County/Las Vegas is one of the represented metro areas in any of the years available for ATUS. This is mostly due to the fact that ATUS uses relatively small samples and is thus less likely to include individuals from smaller geographic units. This is why the documentation for METAREA cautions users about “making estimates for specific metropolitan areas because of the small sample sizes available.” However, larger geographic units such as states (STATEFIP) and regions (REGION) can still be dependably identified. For instance, the state of Nevada is represented in every ATUS sample, if that would be a potential alternative for your analysis.

Yeah, I have already done a report state by state but now I am being asked to provide the same information from the same sources for the Las Vegas area, which is why I am seeking this data.

Can anybody think of a good way to cross reference the survey data to develop a good estimate for this information?