Is there a release schedule for contemporary monthly CPS data (post-2013)?


I can’t seem to find monthly data through the most recent CPS release (March 2015) in the IPUMS-CPS data – it looks like the last monthly observation in IPUMS is December 2013? Is there a lag on when this gets updated, or does a new year of monthly data get released all at once? Thank you in advance for your help!

Will both the extensive March CPS data for 2015, and the 2014 monthly data be posted this month?

The IPUMS-CPS team is currently working on integrating the CPS basic monthly datasets from 1976 to present. There is no official release date for these files at this time, but I would not expect the 2014 samples to be released before the end of this summer. However, all of the basic monthly files and command files for 2014-2015 are currently available from NBER. The variable names in these files will obviously differ from the IPUMS-CPS variable names, but they will contain the same data as will be used to eventually create our integrated variables.

Hope this helps.