Is the unionization rate at the state*sector level available?


We are trying to link up workers in a certain state with the economic activity they are engaged in, and whether or not they are members of a union. Is there some way that we can link the industry a worker is in with whether or not they are in a union in a certain state? Perhaps that is not possible, but if not, we definitely want to know that.



Yes, that is possible using IPUMS-CPS data. Union membership is recorded in the variable UNION for each currently-employed respondent over the age of 14 that worked a wage/salary job and was in the outgoing rotation group. Since the UNION variable is part of the earner study questions, you will want to use EARNWT as your weight in any analyses that include UNION. Also, you can identify the respondent’s sector/industry and state of residence with the variables IND1990 and STATEFIP, respectively.

Hope this helps.