Is the NHIS-Mortality linkage score included in the IHIS data?

I am interested in examining the linkage score for the NHIS and mortality follow-up data. NCHS calculates this socre based on identifiying information, such as name, social security number, etc (See link).

Does the IHIS data contain this linkage score? I have searched the mortality section, “link”, and “score” and have not found this variable.

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Yes, this data is available via IPUMS Health Surveys. MORTSTAT provides the final mortality status during survey years 1986 through 2009. As you allude to, this is only done for individuals who provide sufficient information for linking. Although the specific “score” variable is not available via IPUMS Health Surveys, the MORTELIG variable summarizes mortality follow-up eligibility status for all persons in the sample.

I hope this helps.