Is it possible to aggregate PUMAs to the metro area?

Trying to pull travel time to work by income and metro area for the 2008-2012 5-year ACS, but the only geography available seems to be PUMA.

This 5-year ACS uses the 2000 vintage PUMAs. You can get the maps from…. You’d have to match up your target geography to these maps. With some luck, MCDC geography converter will have your metro area (…)

The 2012 ACS sample was the first to use the Office of Management and Budget’s official 2013 delineations for MSAs. As a result, the metro areas used in 2008-2011 cannot be compared with complete consistency to those used in 2012. This is why neither METAREA nor MET2013 appear in your 2008-2012 multi-year ACS sample.

Additionally, the Census Bureau redraws PUMA boundaries every 10 years based on population information gathered from the most recent decennial census. In the 2008-2012 ACS sample, respondents interviewed in 2008-2011 use the Census 2000 based PUMAs, while respondents interviewed in 2012 use the Census 2010 based PUMAs. You can find crosswalks to link the 2000 PUMAs to the 2010 PUMAs here.

Hope this helps.