Is it possible, and how, to merge March CPS with ASEC CPS?

Im trying to match March basic CPS with ASEC CPS. I get the data from both (same year and month), but i cant figure out what is the variable needed to math this two seemgly identical data. Any Suggestions are welcome.


You can see the answer in the following link :

Linking the March Basic samples to their corresponding ASEC supplement responses is complicated by the fact that the ASEC includes an oversample of households from adjacent months. IPUMS-CPS is currently working on a variable called MARBASECID to facilitate linking the two data sets. The attached article goes into detail about the development of MARBASECID and the difficulties associated with linking the ASEC to March Basic responses. As noted in the pdf document, this article is still in draft form and should not be cited.

I hope this helps!

PacasFlood_06-05-15.pdf (517 KB)