Is IPUMS still updating the PWCOUNTY variable?

Hello, I’m attempting to calculate the total workforce in NYC using PWCOUTY data. I’ve noticed a significant number of zeroes in the PWCONTY variable, which has resulted in an unexpectedly low total. Considering that NYC’s workforce should exceed 4 million, the total I derived from the 2022 ACS 5-year data seems incorrect. I see that the PWCOUNTY variable is now available, so I assumed that the updates were complete. Please let me know if I’m mistaken about this.

Thanks for your message. We are also seeing some inconsistencies in PWCOUNTY in the 2022 5-year, and are taking a closer look. I will update you once we have more definitive information.

Updated versions of PWCOUNTY, PWMET13, PWMET13ERR, MIGCOUNTY1, MIGMET131, and MIGMET131ERR are now available via IPUMS USA. Thank you again for flagging this issue.