Is home ownership available at the person level in CPS?

Is there any data on which family member owns the home in the CPS?

To identify homeowners you can use the OWNERSHP (variable to identify households that are owned) in combination with the RELATE variable (to identify Householders). According to the Census Bureau’s CPS Definitions page, “The householder refers to the person (or one of the people) in whose name the housing unit is owned or rented (maintained)…” However, the Census Bureau requires that every household have one (and only one) Householder, which means that in cases were the house is jointly owned, only one person is listed as “householder”. Also, if the person whose name under which the housing unit is owned or rented is not present in the household, one of the present adults will have the role of householder assigned to them. For the most part, when OWNERSHP==10 and RELATE==0101 that individual can be assumed to be the homeowner, but it is important to know that this will not always be the case.

I hope this helps.