Is data from 2011-2015 ACS 5-Year Selected Population Tables included in 2015 ACS5yr?

I’m trying to locate data on Azerbaijanis and used RACED and ANCESTR1D/ANCESTR2D to identify “Azerbaijani”, but it came up with zero cases. The 2011-2015 ACS 5-Year Selected Population Tables via AFF shows estimated 7,899 Azerbaijanis. I was wondering if ACS SPT data is available on IPUMS USA. If not, is there a way to obtain public-used individual level data for some minority ethnic groups such as Azerbaijani?

An important detail here is what information is American Fact Finder filtering to generate the table. I can confirm that there are no cases in RACED and ANCESTR1D/ANCESTR2Dthat identify Azerbaijanis. However, the birthplace variable (BPL) does identify Azerbaijanis within the 2011 though 2015 time frame. Another possibility is the identification of Azerbaijani race or ancestry could be restricted due to confidentiality limitations. This being the case, you will be able to find data in aggregated form but not in microdata form.