IRECODE1 Variable

I had a look at the variables IRECODE1, IRECODE2 and so on from the NHIS. The label for this variable states External cause code (ICD 9 CM). Would it be correct to assume that these are ICD 9 codes with the leading “E” stripped off and the decimal omitted (e.g. 9500 is the same as E950.0)?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you are correct. As the description tab states, “External cause codes are assigned by the NHIS using the ICD-9-CM external cause codes according to responses given about the cause of injury/poisoning (), affected body parts, how affected body parts were harmed, location at the time of the injury/poisoning episode, activity at the time of injury/poisoning episode, clarifying information on transportation or motor vehicle accidents, clarifying information on falls, and clarifying information on poisonings.” Additional (year specific) information about these codes can be found in section IV of the User Note for Injury and Poisoning Variables.