IPUMS Abacus beta: Is it possible to recode age to custom groups? such as 15 year intervals instead of 5?


Abacus is cool–ability to compare at 2 points in time is great. Unfortunately age categories need more options. I prefer 15 year groups instead of ~5. It would be good to save the options on my phone so that they load automatically.

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While 15 year age group may save some space, it will reduce the utility of data for age adjustment, also it is contrary to all generally accepted standards across the globe. will is be possible to include the 15 year age group along with the 5 year age group as two different variables?



Thank you both for this discussion! Being able to flexibly meet the needs of a variety of questions as well as maintaining a clean interface is certainly a challenge for the Abacus project and we are looking into a few solutions to this very issue, so stay tuned!