Incomplete alphabetic variable list and broken IPUMS group table in thee CPS.

I have been trying to make a complete list of data quality flag variables associated with income in the CPS. Though I understand that these are identified in the Flags tab for the variable, some subsidiary or recoded variables do not appear under either the Household or the Person tab, but instead have to be found through the variable they sum to. This makes it difficult to be sure that all the relevent quality flags have been found.

All the quality flags that I have found so far begin with the letter Q, So one might hope to find a list of all the flags using your alphabetical variable listing. However selecting Q in the alphabetic dropdown menu under variable selection does not show any of these variables. I suspect that this is a bug. If it is intentional, I think it was a bad decision. It really would be helpful to be able to find the quality flags in this way – that is what the alphabetical listing is for. It would also be nice if the alphabetical listing included recoded variables and the like.

Another way of finding all the quality flags would be if there was a variable group for them. Indeed, if you go to the variable page for a quality flag variable, it provides the usual link to the containing group, in this case, “Data Quality Flags — PERSON.” However, the link to the group appears to be broken for all the quality flag variables I have tested… Clicking on it just takes me to an empty variable selection screen, not to a group page. Can you fix this?

I agree that finding the associated data quality flags for income variables In IPUMS CPS could be improved. Due to this reality, we recently published a blog post clarifying some of these details. It seems that you are already aware of many of the details shared in the blog post, but it may prove to be a helpful resource. We have been brainstorming different ways to improve the visibility of the data quality variables and will certainly consider your suggestions.