In the USA PUMS file is there pointer variable to give members of a household the person number of the head?

I am examining the characteristics of children in a household based on the characteristics of the head of the household (RELATE = 1).

Is there an existing variable or is there a way in SPSS or SAS to assign members of a household the person number of the head in the same way that MOMLOC, POPLOC, and SPLOC do? MOMLOC and POPLOC do not allow me to capture any non-related children that may be in the household.


I think what you are trying to do can be done by using the “Attach Characteristics” tool in IPUMS USA. Essentially, this tool allows you to create a new variable on the record line of, in your case, children. This new variable would identify a specific characteristics of the household head, say age, on each individual within a household.

I hope this helps.