In regards to the 1860 Census, can the slaveholder be filtered by race by State?

Regarding the 1860 Census, can the slaveholder be filtered by race by State?

I am the administrator of a historical group on Facebook, specifically, on the War of 1861. Many of my group members are interested in comparing the number of slaveholders by race, (White, Black and Mulatto).

Is there a data table that contains this data by Nation, State, and County?

It does not appear that the race of the slaveholder was collected in the 1860 census. The US Census Slave Schedules provide the names and ownership types of slaveholders, but not their race (only reporting the race of the slave). There is however occupation information (OCC) that identifies respondents engaged in the slave trade in the 1860 census that can be segmented by race (RACE) that you might be interested in on IPUMS USA. You can follow these video tutorials on how to create a personal extract of the 1860 full count file.

Although it’s outside of your timeframe, it appears that the 1790 decennial census does provide slaveholding status by race. You can find this table on IPUMS NHGIS by filtering by year (1790) and topic (slavery). The table NT14. Families by Slaveholding Status by Race aggregates the number of slaveholding families by race by county. I hope this gives you some leads on where to begin your research.


Thank you. After reviewing the videos, I still need assistance. I would appreciate it if someone could provide me with a step-by-step process with a way to download the data into a spreadsheet, please.

I need a state-by-state analysis of persons who engaged in the slave trade in 1860 by ethnicity.