In OCC1950 or OCC1990, is there a variable or cases, that are unclassified but employed?

We are interested in testing the commonly held, potentially incorrect, idea that 65% of future jobs don’t exist now. To test this we would like to look at the growth, decrease, or continuation of those jobs that were unclassifiable by the OCC1950 or OCC1990 schemes. The logic being, if a job is unclassifiable it may be truly novel and by extension may represent meaningful change. At the moment I cannot find/know how to access cases or a variable that measure this. Some components come close. For example, code 997 covers it a little in OCC1950, but only has a few decades of data. Code 999 covers this for OCC1990, but also lumps in N/A.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately, I don’t think OCC1950 or OCC1990 will be useful. In general, all valid original occupation codes were forced into an OCC1950 or OCC1990 code. Any unclassifiable code was typically only unclassifiable because the actual occupation was unknown.