HWTSUPP Variable?


I had previously downloaded an extract of data for the ASEC samples that included the HWTSUPP variable. I’m now trying to download the exact same variable set but for an expanded set of years (1988-present) and I can no longer find the HWTSUPP variable. Additionally, the description page for the variable is returning an error. Where can I find this variable to add in to my new data extract?

https://cps.ipums.org/cps-action/vari… (says the page I’m looking for doesn’t exist…)

This is due to a recent update to IPUMS CPS data. See the revisions page. To summarize, this update replaces ASEC and other CPS supplement weights with specific weight values rather than one “supplement weight” WTSUPP. We have a weights renaming page that describes these changes. In particular, the proper weight for ASEC samples is the ASECWT. I am sorry for the confusion, but we hope this change makes things overall easier moving forward.