Huge weights in ATUS online calculator

I am trying to do basic runs of the 2017-18 Leave Module from ATUS on the online calculator.
The values that I am getting when I look at the weighted data (using LVWT) are really huge-- for instance, for men with <hs diploma I get this: 5,167,076,920 (!)

When I look at the percentages, they seem about right.

Can you help me out–is there an issue w/LVWT or is there something particular to the online calculator that would explain this?

thanks as always!

Frequencies for time use data (via extract or the online tabulator) are person/diary days rather than population counts. More information on leave module weights are available on page 39 of the 2017-2018 Leave Module Data Dictionary. One quick check (though you should use a more thorough modification for actual analyses) to see if population counts are close to what you would expect, is to divide the weights by 365 for a single year of data.