hrhtype prfamtyp

Where can I find details about variables hrhtype and prfamtyp in atuscps_0317 data files? I trying to find info about what those categories mean and how these variables were constructed. I am trying to identify people that are living with other adults that are not related to them or their partner/spouse. I know there’s a roommate/housemate relationship category but I’m trying t0 refine the sample to make sure I don’t pick up couples or relatives.


It looks like you are using one of the ATUS-CPS files provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. IPUMS Time Use does not provide these exact files (although we do have documentation about linking records between IPUMS CPS and IPUMS Time Use). Therefore I cannot provide direct support regarding the HRHTYPE and PRFAMTYP variables. That said, it sounds like the RELATE (relationship to household head) variable may be of interest to you. Additionally, it sounds like what you are trying to do could be accomplished with the enhanced capabilities of IPUMS Time Use. We have a number of additional family interrelationship variables that may help you achieve your goal here.