How to measure the indicators of city/ MSA by individual data in ACS

I don’t know how to measure the indicators of City or MSA by the individual data in ACS. For example: how to calculate the number of each occupation with a bachelor’s degree in the city i? how to use the sex and age of an individual?

Check NHGIS for that information. IPUMS provides microdata (individual-level data). To protect participants’ privacy, it only provides very broad geographic information (e.g. state).

IPUMS NHGIS provides aggregate statistics from the ACS for all cities and metro areas, but you can also use the IPUMS USA variables CITY and MET2013 to identify many large cities and most metro areas in ACS microdata samples.

The source ACS microdata include identifiers for both states and “Public Use Microdata Areas” (PUMAs). IPUMS uses the PUMA information to identify cities and metro areas wherever PUMAs align adequately well the city and metro area populations.


Thank you!