How to link Hauser-Warren occupational standing index to CPS?

We are hoping to use the Hauser Warren index to identify workers’ standing using the occupation data in the CPS. Has anyone linked these up before? I see that they are available for IPUMS-ACS/Census, but not CPS…

Since the OCC1990 variable is functionally identical (i.e. was created using the same crosswalk) between IPUMS-USA and IPUMS-CPS, it is possible to generate a crosswalk between OCC1990 and HWSEI. Simply download an extract from IPUMS-USA containing OCC1990 and HWSEI, select one case per OCC1990 code and use the resulting dataset as a crosswalk between the two variables. Because the IPUMS-CPS version of OCC1990 will have the same codes with the same meanings using the crosswalk should allow you to apply the Hauser-Warren index to the CPS data.

I hope this helps.